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Skinny 45kg Nordic Blonde From The Gym Gets Cumload In Her Pussy

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1 year ago
The most beautiful girl on the internet. She has her own channel. A little boring, but what a beauty.
1 year ago
What's her name?
1 year ago
That body is insane... So smooth, and pale with such perfect pink perky nipples... I would love for her to piss in my mouth whilst I'm eating her out.
Nate 1 year ago
She's amazingly sexy
IamQ 1 year ago
My wife is built like her and there's absolutely no way she is 45kg! I don't think Gina Gerson is 45kg, and she's a size zero. This woman is 70-80kg, about 150 to 165lbs. Just look at her tummy and hips--this is a very tall woman with natural proportions of a healthy and fit woman. (This is similar to the fiction that Maria Sharapova the tennis star put out, that she weighed 120 pounds, before she admitted she was 150 pounds.
Mel 1 year ago
It is Shinaryen. Beautiful body.
7 months ago
7 months ago
don't know why the half is sucking....
Noob 8 months ago
Sooo fake blonde!!!
Name 1 year ago
Is shinaryen